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Salon de Provence horloge
Salon de Provence is Nostradamus' homeland, his tomb is located at the Collégiale St Laurent and his house still exists in Salon de Provence old town center. Salon de Provence is also the place of the prestigious Patrouille de France, one of the planes will welcome you at the east entrance of the city. Salon de Provence is finally the city of the soap makers (the real Marseille sopa, with 72% olive oil), you will be able to visit the old soap production factories. Salon de Provence is a city in the countryside, with the charm of its pedestrian town center and its small shops, its shaded places and especially the very famous Mossy Fountain, that all the inhabitants of the town know and love. Salon de Provence is also the place of well-knows festivals of theater and music at the Emperi castle, the Army museum with its collection presenting 3 centuries of militar history. And its countryside around ideal for hiking or bicycling. Above the town, you will also discover a village of "bories", typical old small houses made of stones where the shepherds used to live.
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