Parks and Natural Areas

Parks and Natural Areas

To the contrary of the generally accepted ideas, the Bouches du Rhone have many exceptional natural sites. They deserve to be protected with the highest attention and priority.

Nature here is a joy for hikers, climbers, or simply walkers aiming for serenity and calmness...

The Regional Natural Park of the Alpilles

Ranked Regional Natural Park since 2007, the mountain chain has never been closed to the public, and offers a multitude of unknown wealth to the visitors.

Following the secondary roads will allow you to discover wine or olive process. They have their own registration, ‘AOC Vallée Des Baux’, and grow with environmental-friendly practices (85% of the vineyards practice bio farming) contributing to maintain an exceptional biodiversity : eagle owl, Bonnelli's eagle or the night bats are witnesses.

Here man has modelled the landscape, where alternate harmoniously small charming villages with green-silver olive groves, and vineyards on limestone rocks, changing from white to ochre or pinkish according to the hour of the day.

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Bouches-du-Rhône - Saint-Rémy-de-Provence

Number of people2
3 Epis
From 345 /week


Bouches-du-Rhône - Saint-Martin-de-Crau

Number of people4
3 Epis
From 295 /week

Le Mas de mes Parents

Bouches-du-Rhône - Maussane-les-Alpilles

Number of people6
3 Epis
From 800 /week

The Regional Natural Park of the Camargue

A large humid area located in the Rhône delta created by a continuous activity and exchange between the Mediterranean sea and the Rhône river. A fragile territory, alternated by lagoons, brackish ponds, dunes, freshwater swamps and sansouires (typical ecosystem, silt laden clay soil, saturated by sea salt). A park with many species, where fauna and flora permanently adapt between drought and salinity. The human activity (Bull and horse farms, fishing, rice growing, and salt production) is present everywhere and contributes intensely to the preservation of the area, the landscape and the sceneries. Next to the main house, built with the white Fontvieille stone, you will discover the small horsemen huts with their roofs covered by the sagne, a local reed.

Over the 100.000 ha in surface, the park situates between the two Rhône river branches, covers the major part of the Arles territory and includes completely the village of St. Marie de la Mer

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Le Bergamote

Bouches-du-Rhône - Arles

Number of people4
3 Epis
From 350 /week

L'Escalier Rouge

Bouches-du-Rhône - Arles

Number of people5
From 815 /week

Méjan Gîte équestre Camargue

Bouches-du-Rhône - Arles

Number of people3
Awaiting classification
From 450 /week

The National Park of the Calanques

Since April 2012, the National Park of the Calanques is a newcomer between the parks in the Bouches du Rhône. It is known worldwide for its superb sceneries, remarkable biological diversity and its typical cultural heritage. The sole national park in Europe which is continental, marine, and peri-urban at the same time. The tenth national metropolitan French park and the first one opened since 1979 ! A splendid and exceptional, but fragile, area.

Between the many dedicated spaces, a diversity of disciplines can meet and enjoy their activities, such as walking, hiking, mountain biking, climbing, with breath taking climbs above the sea, fishing, skin diving, sailing, competitive sailing. 

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Bouches-du-Rhône - La Ciotat

Number of people4
2 Epis
From 605 /week

Les Terrasses De St Julien

Bouches-du-Rhône - Marseille 12e Arrondissement

Number of people2
3 Epis
From 368 /week

Cabanon de Malmousque

Bouches-du-Rhône - Marseille 7e Arrondissement

Number of people4
From 616 /week

The Bouches du Rhône

Part of the Provence, the Bouches du Rhône department offers you an exceptional variety of discoveries.

Nature occupies a splendid place under the sun and, from the “Calanques” to the “Camargue”, from the “Alpilles” to the “Saint Victoire” mountain, offers to you diverse and fascinating country views.

Marseille”, “La Provence”, “La Camargue”, threestrongentity-cores, compose this department. Each of them merits your visit for theirs values, and particular characteristics. A stay in a “Gîte rural” (Self catering home) or a “chamber d’hôte” (Bed and Breakfast) of the Gîte de France association allows you, your family or your friends to meet with the locals, who animate our region.

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Discover the Fauna and Flora of the Alpilles, La Camargue or the open country side of the Crau with a naturalist guide.

In the hearth of the national park of the Camargue, you will discover the intimate life of the flamingos in restricted access sceneries not open to the general public.

In the natural park of the Alpilles, meet with the eagle owl, the biggest European owl : at twilight, from April to September, share this instant of grace with your dear ones.

Find out more on the program Guided excursions in the Alpilles or in the Camargue

For more information, contact the Naturalist guides' office : bgnarles@gmail.com

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Stroll between the vineyards of the Bouches du Rhône

With well indicated tracks and excellent explicative panels, through superb sites, thefirst wine growers’ trails performed an outstanding job for hikers, tourists and locals. The collaboration between the Union of Cooperative wine cellars, local administration, local associations, and the CDRP13, realized these trails.

Up to you to choose between the wine grower trails of Puyloubier, the wine grower trails of Rognes, or the wine grower trails of Trets.

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Trails, shows, the project GR2013.

Don't forget

To protect nature but also the hikers, forest areas aren't accessible all year long.
During summer, access rules are fixed daily, according to meteo. To get the information before your departure, call the +33 (0)811 20 13 13 (information available before 18h for the day after). Or connect on one of the websites of the department :

www.visitprovence.com or www.bouches-du-rhone.pref.gouv.fr