Arles and the Camargue in Provence

Arles and the Camargue in Provence


Camargue is a wonderful natural area where horses, flamingos and bulls are kings. The Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, the Salins-de-Giraud and Arles are the main cities of Camargue.

Camargue is a large wet area located in the Rhône delta. Provence culture is very strong there, and this place also offers biological diversity, many floral and animal species, incredible landscapes, and very particular agricultural activities. Camargue is considered as a Regional Natural Park, meaning and is very protected.

Camargue landscapes are made of sand beaches, reed beds, rice fields, wheat fields, salt-water marshes and sea.

It's also an important staging area for migratory birds and the only French site of nesting for flamingos. Flamingos, bulls, horses, western screech-owls, gulls, sea swallows, herons, castors, waders... many animals and birds live on this exceptionnal territory.

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What can you visit in Camargue ?
  1. Camargue museum.
  2. Scamandre regional natural reserve.
  3. Pin Fourcat Mas.
  4. Pont de Gau ornithological park.
  5. Gacholle lighthouse.
  6. The Capelière.
  7. Fangassier pond.
  8. Palissade domain.
  9. Seeing point for salt.
  10. Vigueirat marshland natural reserve.
  11. Avignon Castle departmental  domain.
  12. Rice museum.
  13. Saint Louis tower.

But also many horse riding structures, bull ranches and wineries.

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